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Until I met you

Written by Writer Anshika Yadav and Edited by Mrinali Jadhav

A soulmate…
It's really a beautiful word where you find your own galaxy in just one person. 
I always wanted one too,a real one. 
But I was uncertain. 
It always used to sound so unreal, people whom I met were just disguised angels trying to be ideal. 

Until I met you, Under the deep ocean beneath the sky blue. 
You became my personal comfort zone, 
Where I never felt alone.In front of you I don't have to act and hide, 
People come and go like a passing cloud. 

Share beautiful moments and then forget cause for them it was a mere act. 
I wish I knew about it exact, I told myself to act like just others in crowd, 
But never take anyone's word inside where my kindness hide. 

Until I met you, 
Where I saw, you are the same like me, 
Just trying to hide in your own shell of oyster, 
I won't ask you to stay forever. 
I just want us to flow like the waves in the river, 
Where we can find our happiness as I hope it will be. 

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