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Written by Writer Shaistha Mehdi and edited by Editor Mrinali Jadhav

Caught your eyes in mine today,
Felt like there are plenty of poems still to say.
Didn’t expect you’d show up there,
But I still glow up seeing you I swear.

As time passes, I thought I’d forget,
But seems like your smile won’t let my cheeks rest.
Damn there’s still the same warmth in you,
And I’m still crazy for that innocence of you.

What’s that grace in you, why’re you always special?
Whenever I look at you, it’s like I’m always freckled.
Freckled with your charm, freckled with your love,
That I start dancing on cloud nine and above.

You make me smile; you make me blush.
Why do I feel you’re more than just a crush.
One glance of you is just so enough,
To make me smile through any day that’s rough.

No matter how many days I don’t get to see you,
It will never make me stop falling for you.
Because you my dear are going to be adored forever,
Doesn’t matter where you are, either far or near.

Lots of love and lots of hope I’ve got,
Until the next time or eyes are caught.
I know us being together is a sweet lie,
But at least we’re under the same sky.

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