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Healthy Parenting

Written By Writer Deepti K. and Edited By Editor Mrinali Jadhav

7 helpful tips to raise children as happy and mentally healthy beings:

1. Transparency– Be transparent to your child. It is important to be honest while communicating feelings. The more one becomes transparent, the more children can maintain a closer relationship.

2. Avoid an authoritarian style– Do not adopt an authoritarian parenting style while raising a child. Authority should be shown wherever necessary, but too much of it will create problems with self-esteem and make them aggressive.

3. Get involved– Always show interest in the activities where the child is engaged and motivate them to be participative for healthy growth. Lack of interest from parents results in anxious, stressed, and emotionally withdrawn children.

4. Time– Be consistent in providing time to your children. Make sure to spend quality time,  even if, a little, every day.

5.  Use cues such as look at and smile, give hugs and clap for appreciation. Such physical cues indicate that you are trying to connect, comfort and accept the responses openly.

6. Teach– Children struggle managing emotions. Suggest them ways to manage anger and fidgeting. They must know how to handle reactions. Give them an understanding by citing your own example.

7. Patience– Be kind and firm when dealing with children. Assure them that you’ll always be there for them, no matter what the situation.  

Author’s note:Optimism and confidence have become skills of a millennial. Dependence makes one mentally ill. Advocating honesty, responsibility and communication is a must.

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