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Dear Bestfriend – Part 2

Written by Writer Aisha Kurlawala also known as ANONYMOUS ASH and Edited by Editor Mrinali Jadhav

Darling Friend, it was lovely to be yours,
We had loyalty, honesty and respect of course.
And I really loved our bond and relation,
But now, it’s time for the bitter revelation.

We shared mutual understandings at one point,
But I believe that now it’s only gonna disappoint.
I don’t think we can continue this anymore,
If we drag this too much or maybe no more.

It’s better to end it this way for good,
From these misunderstandings, we’ve been rescued.
By forcing us, there will be no benefit,
So it’s better to give up, it’s requisite.

Yes, we had lovely moments that’ll be forever cherished,
Yes, our promises won’t matter, and it will gradually perish.
But it’s okay, as my epiphany of ‘forever’ is a deception,
And it’s alright, as our case is unexpected and exception.

It’s okay if we don’t be in the same wavelength,
I will keep trying to gather courage and strength.
The strength to see you going and never coming back,
As it’s wise to set us free from going off-track.

Maybe our destiny doesn’t approve of this,
Maybe our disagreements are better and bliss.
Maybe evil-eye has struck us extremely hard,
Maybe it’s a punishment of treating it as disregard.

I won’t blame it on you, but of course neither me too,
As this wasn’t real I feel, and hence I feel so blue.
Maybe our situations are to be blamed and at fault here,
As I knew there’ll come a time, to see you off with fear.

From a blessing, this bond became a curse and abusive,
And passing each day together, was a torture and intrusive.
There were lies, hurt, disrespect and misconception,
And I took these misunderstandings as mere affection.

Yes, innumerable sacrifices and adjustments we made,
However, I now wish you all the love and no hatred.
Yes, at our worst, we were there for each other,
But now, enough of formalities and no more bother.

Our perspectives don’t match, so for instance,
It’s better to part our ways and maintain our distance.
It’s best to say our goodbyes and deeply get busy,
Don’t know about you, but for me it won’t be easy.

Let’s cutoff as I don’t wanna argue or fight,
In the end I was wrong, and damn you were right.
Yes, I’ll take care of myself, won’t die or cry,
As I wish you all the happiness, good luck and goodbye.

Written by - Aisha Kurlawala 
Email - Anonymous.ash1443@gmail.com

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