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Written by Writer Anshika Yadav and Edited by Editor Mrinali Jadhav

You're a midnight with enchanting eyes;
Surrounded by the star, sparkling in the skies. 
Late nights, filled with lots of memories, 
Like a pretty feather, the wind carries.  

You're the song, I heard at 7 pm. 
Just like the serendipity I stumbled upon;
A captivating aurora of sunrise at dawn, 
Blissfulness is what I want, to your black swan. 

Sometimes rain will turn the grass into a quagmire, 
Eventually virtuous people you will meet, who'll still be liar. 
Momentary they all are just a transient, 
Ergo never change your hidden benevolent. 

I wonder if the simple things that reminds me of you, 
Like cute glasses that remind you of me. 
As the moon shines in through;

With a celestial star, trying to protect thee. 
I like it when I watch you be you. 
It's so mesmerising akin, the rainbows hue. 7:07 will be my favourite time of the day, 
I wish we could meet on 7 january, I pray. 

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