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Written by Writer Gayathri R. and Edited by Editor Mrinali Jadhav

When the days are long and exhausting,
All I look for is you!

When I face with life's hardships,
All I want is you besides me!

When I traverse through the hurdles, 
All I want is you cheering me up!

When I want to chase my dreams and achieve my goals,
All I want is you to celebrate it with happiness!

When my days are hard and tiring,
All I want is you to just be with me!

When I cry out my heart or laugh out loud,
All I want is you to hug and be there for me!

But then, I know it is not possible and will never happen, atleast for this birth.

I have no words to describe the things I have undergone so far. 

As everyone says "Past is Past and It Doesn't Matter…"
I know it doesn't matter and doesn't make sense anymore… 

But then, the scars etched - remain forever!!! 
And… and…When everything fell apart,
All I had was that little hope…

I knew that everything was for good and all throughout, you have always been there for me…

And, I knew that everything would end up better than imagined… 
But then, what I realised is - Once you lose your MOTHER, 
you become an orphan for lifetime… 

Remember, no one can give you the love and care that a mother gives her child…

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