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    Selfless? Nah, all about that Self-Care.

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  • The Lethal Kiss of a Sharp-Tongued Beauty

    The Lethal Kiss of a Sharp-Tongued Beauty

    The crimson knife and I,  we’re old friends now.  Maybe more than friends! 

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    Caught your eyes in mine today, Felt like there are plenty of poems still to say. Didn’t expect you’d show up there, But I still glow up seeing you I swear.

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  • Until I met you

    Until I met you

    Written by Writer Anshika Yadav and Edited by Mrinali Jadhav A soulmate… It’s really a beautiful word where you find your own galaxy in just one person.  I always wanted one too,a real one.  But I was uncertain.  It always used to sound so unreal, people whom I met were just disguised angels trying to be…

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  • Amaryllis


    Home was better than a monument. So I thought flowers would create the illusion. The florist lured me for the Amaryllis. How cannot they?

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  • नज्मः – तुम

    नज्मः – तुम

    लिखी मैंने जब भी मुहब्बत की ग़ज़लें, तुम्हें सोच कर सारे मिसरे लिखे हैं, ये जो मेरे लहज़े में नमकीनियां हैं, ये पाईं हैं मैंने तेरे होंठ छू कर |

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  • At first sight.

    At first sight.

    Hey unsung chagi, That was my very first impression, Soon you became my obsession….

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  • Black Magic

    Black Magic

    I dared to dream an impossible dream, In a cursed castle, I expected a Nirvana new. I was a psych psycho who heard myself scream, That I fell prey to good looks, I couldn’t subdue.

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  • The Past Year

    The Past Year

    This year was like a wedding cake, Carefully planned, Yet steered by the Baker’s designs.

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  • His Eyes

    His Eyes

    If I were to be embodied, I would choose to be your eyes…

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  • Beguile


    There’s a bright side, to every wrong thing. When the truth covered with a lone wing, If you’re looking at it through the right eyes, Tied with the thread of alluring lies.

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  • चांद


    कैद कर ले मुझको किसी चांद सा , निगाहों में रोशन तेरी मैं रहूं , तू घूम आए हर दिन सारा जहां , मैं हर रात तुझे तेरी बाहों में मिलूं …

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  • Number


    At one, I must have mended hearts. For I became the reason, a new family sprung. Joy wrote those words, And I found it written in my parent’s hearts.

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