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  • Little Things

    Little Things

    It’s always about the imperfections of two people. It’s about finding a person who’s as imperfect as you are, who not only understands your love but accepts all your insecurities, possessiveness, anger and jealousy as well. These are the Little things that count.

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  • Don’t Quit

    Don’t Quit

    Ever wonder why people quit? There are infinite reasons that people quit in the middle; after all, each individual is unique. Sometimes, they don’t believe in themselves, or just don’t want to.

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  • The Dawn of Tulip

    The Dawn of Tulip

    It was one of those April days, When again I saw the two-lipped tulip.  As if, you are standing there looking at me through the haze.  It felt bittersweet to visualize you again. 

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  • An appreciation for e-resources!

    An appreciation for e-resources!

    Written by Writer Manogya Singh Finest quality with multi access functionality, Cheers to all e resources and their versatility. Convenient recipe of learning and education, Brilliancy will be enveloped by generation. E-books, e-journals, documents or online centres, Indulge in pool of online learning with the best mentors. Online learning is a blessing in disguise, It’s […]

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