About the Editors

Mrinali Jadhav

Mrinali Jadhav is an Indian novelist, poetess, entrepreneur and a medical student. She writes under her pen name Luna Arsyn and is known for her first poetry collection series (2021) ‘If Only Happiness…’. The collection series has a total of Eight Books with poems written throughout the last decade in her teen years.Her novel series ‘The Kingdoms Of Mirage’ was launched as a part of WSA 2022 (Webnovel Spirity Awards 2022) with the first book in the series ‘REGINA’.She is the founder of SOSHA (Society Of Self Healing Arts) and Editor-in-chief of the Indian Literary website Unverbalise.

Namita Dandin

Languages have always excited me and I’ve had the opportunity to learn four other Indian languages apart from English. I’m extremely passionate about English as a language, and both the grammar and literature aspects of it has equally interested me right from school. I also enjoy writing, sketching and painting when I have some time to spare.

Ritika Singh

Ritika is an English literature graduate based out of Delhi. She has a knack for different ways of storytelling that is visible in her work with a website, Story For You. She has been published in a magazine named, The Asian Chronicles and co-authored an e-book.

Grisha Sharma

I’m an engaging writer with an affable personality and a penchant for all things literature. When not discussing print media, you can catch me in the kitchen, elbow-deep in pie dough, experimenting in my makeshift chemistry lab, or hiking outdoors.

Anushri Shukla

This 1995-born kid is a clueless being. Anushri is a paradox, full-time overthinker and holds a PhD in laziness. Like butterflies are attracted to flowers, creativity in any denomination grabs her attention. She loves words in all its forms: poetry, lyrics, dialogues, quotes, captions, texts, tweets


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