My work is an example of adaptation. Versatility. Pride. Colour. Camp. Gore. Me. I like to make work that represents what excites me. I want my senses to shake, and my favourite experiences in life are the moments when such is happening. Curiosity, admiration, fear, repulse… all covered in a blanket of colour to mimic the current climate. My art is a political expression, rather than a statement. It is how I unearth my worries by burying them in digital media.

Persephone’s Fall
Bleeding Vines
Fruits of My (Dead) Labour
Sim Green
Ove Two
Liquid Portrait
Eye Three
The Artificial Influence
Relly Manor is an illustrator based in South Devon, UK. Their work largely focuses on the human condition and social issues, but sometimes wanders into more niche areas. Working with many medias, including collage, print and digital, Relly Manor has a diverse scope including editorial and book illustration.
Figure in the Mountain
Medicine Time
The Bell Jar
The Tailor
The Home of The Centipede

His work of art

Oil On Wood canvas painting
Andalusia in watercolour
Dry aged Mackerel
Skull Headed Entrepreneur
Pizza Art

Her work of art

Black Midi

Her work of art

Feminine. Colorful and frequently changing art 
Bright, shining, blithe
The female of the species

The artwork from Sheyda Sabetian

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