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Changes in life during pandemic

Editor:- Mrinali Jadhav

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

Who would have thought all our lives would come to a stop because of a virus(coronavirus)?

In those times it was just like we had everything but we were not good for anything. But I think for every thing there will always be two sides – one is a bad side and other is a good side . Covid also has this sides. 

We could spend time with our families and tried to understand them during this time period, this is something everyone will agree to.

Sometimes they can be understanding but in some families there are fights which are totally beyond control.In this period of time we were constantly in the state of struggle for going out. By spending a lot of time in the same place we did tend to become lazy and hot tempered which might affect us and our surrounding people.

Covid really affected most of the families. In some families people lost their perious loved ones, in some families only one person was left. In some cases both parents were lost and their 5 years kid was left behind.Some were losing their families because of covid and some were losing because of their family fights.

For some reason, I think in this phase some people got more emotional and some are gone crazy. Some were taking advantage of covid while some others were waiting for help.

When we come to students, I will say it was totally a disaster. While some colleges cancelled exams, some did online exams and some were opting for online studies. What is the use of doing online studies when we can directly watch youtube videos for that? Some students didn’t even remember which year they were studying in. Let me say it like this – if a civil engineering student is attending online classes and even exams are conducted online,  he completed his degree and came out with flying colours will he still have any practical knowledge? Even when he got 90% ? He won’t have any practical knowledge so what’s the use of his degree.

Oh ya! For some colleges they just want the percentages, I wont say anything about that but people should atleast think why they are doing that. It is just like, you know every ingredient to prepare that dish but you don’t know the process.

This thing I couldn’t understand during this pandemic is –  There were people who were truly helping others but there were some people who gave so little and did more publicity . If you are truly helping, there is no need to do that, right?

Almost everyone faced depression or some kind of mental trauma by staying insides their homes. They couldn’t go out and it was like we were trapped in a place and we weren’t allowed to come out. This covid gave us an idea to think who we really are?

We are always very busy in work and we don’t even have time to ourselves, but in this period of time we were giving ourselves some time. For some people covid gave lessons, for some families sadness, for some happiness. It’s just like there are both bad and good things.

When we come across some sutiaution or some people we will think its bad but its not. For everthing or everyone there might be atleast a good thing . We just overlooked good things and tried finding only fault in it. 

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My name is Siri Susmitha . I always tries to write the stories that are close to reality and loves to try different & new things.

Insta id: siri_susmitha.b

FB: https://www.facebook.com/susmitha.reddy.796569


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