Written by Writer Pooja Warrier

Hi folks! I extend a warm welcome to my humble abode. I’m truly exhilarated to give you a virtual tour of my very own place.

In here, all the rooms are equally spaced except for one – the restricted area. So, let’s explore and get to know more!

Well, we start with the Chamber of Jitters. An extremely dark space, untidy and cluttered that has absolute power to weigh me down. A stockpile of self-crippling emotions like frustration, anger, self-doubt, fear, grief, guilt, stress, shame, despair, envy etc. are vent out in this space. This is a place where you can find me when I battle with myself at any time of the day. 

Somedays, it could be my loved ones judging my choices or it could be when I am so caught up in the life’s race with none to hug and let me know that I’m doing a great job. I don’t like crying my heart out in public, so this is the place where I normally cry to myself and it makes me feel better.

On some occasions, I lock myself up in this room until the feelings of hopelessness and helplessness subside. A quiet place to lick my wounds. 

From there, we go straight ahead to the Chamber of Mirth. An extremely well-lit space that attracts extreme positivity and happy vibes. This room is always well maintained and kept neat and tidy at all times ensuring the presence of a lot of empty space.

From the Chamber of Jitters, once I am done with my pity party this where I walk into. This room has so many good things about it. Lots of happy memories of loved ones and of umpteen achievements, captures of memorable moments, uplifting quotes from good books etc.

I visit this room most of the time of the day as it makes me feel lighter and rejuvenated. This room has always taken me by hand to take some major changes in life.

Let’s move on…Chamber of Intent. A space of utmost sanctity for me with fanciful notions of a life I have planned for myself. By the time, I am done with the Chamber of Mirth I would be extremely driven to bring to fruition the visions I have made for myself.

Here too, I have a collection of propelling quotes from a myriad of sources and songs which fires me with enthusiasm to achieve greatness. There’s a small area in this chamber which is well concealed and where I hide my grave secrets less known to the outside world.

A zone for secret desires – to get drunk, to have my short stories remade into a film, to meet Dhoni etc. (I’ve spoken too much already!)

And the last and the least accessible – Restricted Area. An extremely vast and mysterious place it is and not everyone has access to it. None, I would say. Not a well-trodden path either because it is not easy to get there.

One has to be extremely dedicated and persistent in their efforts to stride over the obstacles to reach here. For a while, it has been securely padlocked from the rest of the house due to several reasons. Piled with heavy film of dust and guarded with a mesh of silvery cobwebs, this place has become totally estranged.

Strangely, things are just about to change because someone just artfully danced their way over the several hurdles. The cobwebs have been dusted. The padlock has been broken too. It was out of question! And paradoxically, it looks like the person is here to stay, come what may.

Fantastic!Oh well! I just hope you enjoyed the tour de chez moi

.Just in case, you felt you really want to visit my place, here’s the address: Between the lungs, Middle of the chest, Behind and slightly left of the breastbone.

Landmark: Just above the diaphragm. 

PS: Leave you footwear outside, lest you want to leave your footprints all around the place.



  1. Good one Pooja. Quite unfortunate that it took is all so long to know you, especially the creative colors under your composed outer. Keep going. All the best


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