The Dawn of Tulip

Written by Writer Anshika and Edited by Editor Ruth Pal Chaudhuri

It was one of those April days,
When again I saw the two-lipped tulip. 
As if, you are standing there looking at me through the haze. 
It felt bittersweet to visualize you again. 

I still remember your alluring smile, 
How we used to talk until the starlight in the evening. 
When time was fleeting and talks were unceasing, 
We both fell for each other;
But stood up together with our souls intertwined. 

Reminiscing those beautiful moments feels so surreal, 
But now if I think about it, was it even real? 
When you left me in the middle of the road;
Now I'm retracing the scars you left.

Just like the lost song of a mermaid, 
By letting you go, I learned that losing you made me find myself. 
And suddenly you know? It's time to start something new. 

Like winter represents age or death;
After darkness, there is always the birth of new breath. 
Dazzling tulip which blooms in spring, 
Cause they are the inception of a new beginning. 

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