Don’t Quit

Written by Writer Deepti and Edited by Editor Manogya Singh

Ever wonder why people quit? There are infinite reasons that people quit in the middle; after all, each individual is unique. Sometimes, they don’t believe in themselves, or just don’t want to.

Here are a few reasons one might choose to leave:

1. Laziness and Procrastination

People begin their projects enthusiastically and have motivating factors, but that energy is lost gradually. They tend to push their commitments to a later date and fall into the cycle of dawdling. This regular habit of being lazy forms the hole of procrastination. They tend to keep their distance from it and start to fear it.

2. Loneliness

Introverts or loners are vulnerable to quitting early. Their decision-making process is quick and they are in high spirits about idea generation. They prepare for what they have but not for what is absent. The absence of external support becomes a roadblock for them. Being too shy and less social seems like a dead end to their dreams.

3. No Resilience

Beginning a new endeavour requires skills, not only technical or monetary but soft skills too. Having money or job-related experience isn’t enough to survive. For survival and success, it is necessary to have control over emotions. One must not be too overwhelmed when facing challenges and build resilience when facing failures.

4. Negative Self-talk

When one maps the growth of their aim and observes it’s slower than thought, a sigh of negativity lingers on. One might doubt their capabilities, develop a belief that they are weak and ask themselves,” What if I won’t be able to?”, “What will I do if it won’t work?”, “How will I end up?”, “Is it the end for me?” Such questions to self, promote negative self-talk which could be catastrophic.Running away is easy, but facing the challenge is difficult. Flight requires nothing, fight requires courage. Fear guides quitting, standing up to them is bravery.


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