Can Being Determined Alone Help in Achieving Success?

Yes, you read the title right. Having the determination of achieving something alone can help you in progressing further. And why does that work so well? Because, you’re determined to get it done no matter what. When we set our mind to something and our heart is filled with determination, nothing is going to stop us from achieving it. 

The will to keep going, plays a vital role in gaining success. The first step is setting a goal for yourself and then having the determination to go after it. When you have that will and determination, automatically you start to pave paths for your success. 

What happens when you face an obstacle? Being determined helps there too. Yes, it definitely does. It helps you not give up during your difficulties and helps you see the bigger picture, the bigger goal that you have set for yourself. 

The journey between setting a goal for yourself and achieving it is not going to be easy, you are going to face numerous obstacles and barriers, and that’s where having tons of determination upholds your efforts. 

Having firmness towards the goal you have set for yourself helps you put in all the hard work and effort without which you cannot achieve the goal. This quality of having determination is a god-gift to some, but achievable by all. I am writing this blog post, to remind you the importance of being determined in life. 

There are various kinds of people, ones who set a goal for themselves, start and leave half way. Some start, keep going and reach the finish line. And then there are those who don’t even give it a try. One common thing between all these kinds of people is determination. The person who started and gave up mid-way, was determined when he started but gave in to the obstacles that came his way, didn’t hold on to determination and gave up. The person who achieved his goal was determined, firm and strong willed in what he wanted, hence reached the goal. The one who didn’t even try, lacked the quality of determination and perhaps was settling in his life. 

Therefore, being persistent plays a crucial role in achieving your goals. 

This quality is seen even in animals; if you have ever watched a lion hunting his prey, you must have noticed with what determination the lion sets out on the chase till he hunts

down his prey and eats it. Even when the prey is playing difficult to get, the lion does not give up, without losing hope it goes on running until the prey is out of sight. 

Man has stepped on the moon, Artificial Intelligence(AI) is the next big thing and 5G is coming into place. All this is possible only because somewhere someone is determined in achieving greater things. 

This post is to motivate you and remind you to set goals for yourself and achieve them with determination, strong-will and firmness. Hard work, good intentions and the will to keep going can help you achieve all your goals, these qualities will help you and push you during hard times, will aid in keeping your mind focused on the goal during difficulties. 

Therefore, set that goal for yourself, start doing what you have always thought of doing but haven’t given it a shot because you were too scared or underconfident. Nothing is impossible, if you set your mind to it!

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