Dear Best Friend

Dear best friend, you’re my one and only best friend,
Who is my better half and my soul sister.
I wish our bond and relation never comes to an end,
And I love how you’re sometimes pleasant and sometimes blister!

You are my heartbeat and my motivator,
Who never fails to encourage me or guide.
You are my favourite therapist, complete spectacular,
And I can’t deny to accept that you’re my pride!

Like the meaning of your name, the odour and aroma of you my friend,
Has filled my life with freshness, exuberance and joy.
You are irreplaceable and on each other we interdepend,
And the essence of positivity has surrounded me and I enjoy.

Both our names that means life and being alive,
Is real, as you have given me a new life to accomplish.
I don’t have words to define how blessed I am as I thrive,
And I’m afraid, I never wanna lose and part ways, how I wish!

You’re my angel, you’re only mine,
You helped me develop and transform.
You’re a real diamond but helped me shine,
And leaning on your shoulders makes me feel warm!

The day you entered my life until today,
I never got a chance to complain.
As before, I never felt so confident and okay,
And I feel privileged to share with you my pain!

And when you’re around others, how much I feel jealous,
Because I can’t share you, call me selfish.
You helped me focus and helped me become zealous,
Stay with me forever, or I would gradually perish!

My love, don’t you dare ever forget me,
Especially after your bachelor life gets over.
This poem is dedicated to you and you can’t unsee,
My love and gratitude that on you I shower!

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Poet is better known by her name Anonymous Ash. Follow her on Instagram using link given below.



Editors: Mrinali

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