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Retraction Of Our Separation

Editor: Mrinali

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Looking back at the bench we sat,

Your lips curved at my silly words.

The voice which remembered me for so long,

To be called by you, my name as I turned around.

The flowers that dropped by the shower of cloudlets,

The sun that set a little late as you came to me little late,

I told you something as I felt so bright with you.

Might that be that my words did hurt you.

Not knowing a single ounce of pain,

Did I lose you?

Not to say as – I found myself in the state of devastation as I felt my heart. 

The time when my medium rang in the middle of the midnight. 

As I thought I didn’t heard it wrong,

I saw your name and felt a shock to the core.

I told you so many times that I missed you.

But can I tell you now that I miss you as you hear?

But I heard your voice and it said I missed you and I smeared.

Retraction that I thought must I make,

For not my heart to break,

We waited so dearly while we longed as evermore.

My lips curved with the retraction of our separation. 

I am Shashwati Khatai, completed my M.A. in English language and literature in 2020 from Khallikote University, Berhampur

Instagram- https://instagram.com/shashwati_khatai/


Email- shashwati.megha.1993@gmail.com

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