Go behind what you want.
What if they don’t want to be wanted by you?

So much love, unable to give up,
feeling heavy, you choose to
run behind them tirelessly.
But there will come a day where
You’ll realize all your efforts have been left unseen.
Yes, unseen.
And watch them moving forward,
With their very own needs.

At that point never blame them.
Instead blame yourself for,
Running behind them.
Where they never took a second to look back.
Dreaming about them,
Where they never wished you to chase it.
Struggling hard for them,
Where they never took interest to be a part of the war.
Living for them.
Where they never wished to understand,
How much you have died inside.

Run people,
Not behind other people,
But behind your dreams.
Chase your goals.
Make it come alive.
Feel superior.
Live your life to the fullest.

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Hi! I’m Trivaeni Ayyappan. I’m a person who’s passionate about writing. I’m much more into Poetries. I think to me they are beautiful. I just wanted to help people heal through my words.



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