The Cacophony Of Everyday

The cacophony of bartans in the kitchen,
Resonate through the lane of open window.
Bustling and arguing over the burning naashta,
The anguish over the pending tiffins.
Tripping feet searching for lost shoes,
Quick hands grabbing wet towels.
Chairs pushed roughly into the table,
Scampering bodies leave the doors.
Waking engines from a dead sleep.

The penitent sweep the boiled milk,
Sound barrier-breaking whips dry the laundry.
Lists are checked twice, Scratched and checked again.
Old and new are thumbed in counting,
Cycles and feet scuff the same paths.
Tomatoes bruised and pulped on the slab,
Reluctant pets are tickled and sent away.
Chai break before the tv, deshelling peas,
The ticks and tocks scratch away time.

The sofa roleplays as a battle horse,
wickets and bats are now swords.
Stray chappals fly past as cannon fire,
Soft pillows harden as shields and battering rams.
Domestic disagreement is the new politics,
Bags are thumped down as knees and back pop a squat.
Fragrant masala invade all senses,
Sharp tadka sizzles over supported by a chorus of sneezes.
Soaped up hands wipe down the dishes.

Defiant mouths are monitored as they brush,
Eraser dust and pencil shavings are dusted off.
Completed and forgotten homework nap up for school,
Daal and almonds are soaked overnight.
Knives cleaned of traces, haldi stains the plate,
Fingers massage gently as he oils her hair.
Quiet conversations, marital bliss and love,
She is already asleep as he watches subtitled voiceless films.
The noise of every day calmed and ended in a happy embrace.

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Hi! I’m Grey King. I am a novice hobbyist dabbling in illustration and writing.

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