The Feeling of Being Lost

Have you ever felt that you are on the verge of losing your way?  You no longer have any  idea who you are,  what you’re doing, what you desire, or what your ambitions are. While everyone else seems to be doing something, you’re left wondering what you’re doing with your life. 

You’re merely going through the motions, existing- 

as if, you’re an old empty house or maybe a numb existing cadaver, with no dreams or desires, just  following the crowd. You just want to run away from the daily hassle, leaving everything behind.

Why is it so?! Why do we feel this hopelessness? Why do we envy other people? Why do we feel lost? Why do we forget to love ourselves?

Perhaps, it’s because we’ve always been compared to others, given role models to emulate, and never been asked what our desires are or quizzed on how a certain thing seems to you, how you perceive it. Instead we are told what it is, handing over a roadmap that they expect us to follow. We are given a certain time limit to acquire certain things.

In this process we’re losing touch with our actual selves. Following society’s norms, regulations, and ideals, being cloned and brainwashed. Taking a look at the sugar-coated life, trying to hop on the bandwagon.

Don’t we all wish the  normality in being you was completely devoid of the emotional costs, embedded in your selections, ignoring the voices dragging you down, colored in your innocence and your pace, where your opinion mattered? We never would be lost, maybe?  We would never feel hopeless. It’s intimidating to walk into a world and be expected to execute tasks to the satisfaction of other people.

Remember, even though there are many people who are doing what they love and appear to have it all figured out, that doesn’t mean you have to be the same as them; you’re unique; their dreams aren’t yours. Everybody moves at their own pace.

It’s perfectly acceptable to be yourself. It’s also never too late to start over. Whether you are in your 20’s, 30’s or 50’s. Take your time to discover yourself; there is no deadline; you must be yourself, the authentic you. Not cloned, not masked, not being influenced and doing what your heart desires. You are more than your stats and you don’t need people to validate you. So, go completely lost in order to re-start and create a mold of yourself that you can shape and nurture in order to discover your actual self and true passion .

And don’t be afraid to confront other people’s beliefs or to disagree with some of their notions. 

You are solely you. 

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Just another cliched small-town girl on a magical quest to achieve my dreams. Fashion stylist and Designer by profession. Introvert!? * Low-key, I guess! (“Want to know about my secrets,” ask Mr. Moon) Creative, inquisitive soul. A cage smasher, a seeker for new adventures. Diver?! For details. Writing ignites a flame in me; it tickles my bones, liberates me, challenges my bounds, annihilates me, provokes me, piques my interest, heals me, and makes me feel accomplished. I work with emotions, catching every nuance of the moment and infusing it with new vitality.



Editors: Namita and Drashti

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