Nevertheless, I Still Love Him

I’m in love with a person.
And, certainly, he is oblivious of my existence.
Being an unfamiliar face to him,
One in a million; I just exist-
Nevertheless, I love him.
True love, is it?
I’m not sure , but I know I love him.
Without any borders, words or constraints, and perhaps without any desires or selfishness.

I’m in love with a person.
And, certainly, he is oblivious of my existence.
He appears in my dreams.
No, he isn’t a creation of my imagination.
He exists;
But in a faraway land.
He is my ultimate hype man;
He makes me smile, even when I least want to.
He offers me a shoulder to lean on, wiping my tears.
He heals me, comforts me, makes me feel alive.
He entices me to dance to his groove.
He is completely unaware of how much influence he wields over me.
He is someone I can turn to in times of turmoil.
He instills a sense of purpose in my life.
Sometimes, I do wish, spinning the wand would get me to him.
A true star, he is!

I’m in love with a person.
For who he is.
I would go hours talking about him,
singing his praises.
Even him just breathing makes my heart pound.
He makes me feel proud.
He is the blush on my cheeks
The sparkle in my eyes
The butterflies in my stomach
I want to describe him in a myriad of words, paint him in a myriad of colors, and sing him in a myriad of verses.
But, would that suffice?
For, he is beyond words.
He holds a special place in my heart.

Hopelessly, I love him.
I love a person
And, certainly, he is oblivious of my existence.
The farthest star, he is!
Indeed, this sensation is truly unfathomable.
Because I adore someone I’ve never met.
Smitten with every inch of him.
That’s how gazing at stars from afar feels.
Watching them shine.
Worrying about them.
Hoping to reach them.
Trying to talk to them
Wondering if they are doing fine by themselves, don’t they feel lonely?
Hoping they’ll continue to shine brightly for a long time.
Hoping they’ll never fall.
Giving up on all your wishes for the star to stay there, shining brightly and safely.

I’m in love with a person.
And, certainly, he is oblivious of my existence.
He might attempt to hide.
Nevertheless, I will always stay by his side.
Giving up on my pride in order to be his pride,
With a huge grin on my face.
For me, being one in a million is still rewarding.
Because, I know, I’ll always be there for him.
And, only if I could write a song for him and paint a picture with it.
Leaving him unscathed.
Tracing along his curves.
Standing being his shadow,
Being the light that makes him glow.
Only if I could conjure up those sentiments.
Only if I could tell him why and how much I love him.

I wish I could—just once, perhaps!
But I suppose I shouldn’t, because I’m prone to become greedy.
What if I felt compelled to grasp his hand on my own?
What if I crave his company?
What if I desire something more?
There are some boundaries that should not be breached.
I can be his shadow, I can be his light, I can be anything for him.
But just don’t get hurt.
For I am always here, I am never letting you go.

Yes, I proudly say.
I’m in love with a person.
And, certainly, he is oblivious of my existence.
Being an unfamiliar face to him.
One in a million; A fan,
I just exist-
Nevertheless, I still love him.

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