Content is not the King, but the Kingdom

‘Content is not the King but the Kingdom’ 

– Lee Oden

Cited by Lee Oden in his book ‘Optimize’, this quote revolutionizes the way we perceive ‘Content’. Following the advent of the Dot-com bubble almost every industry has utilized the power of the Internet to outgrow themselves, focusing on ‘Content’. During lockdown, businesses were in dire need of a platform to sell their ‘product’ and at the same time provide a similar experience without tarnishing their reputation. 

Before we dive deep, let us first re-understand the concept of ‘Content’ in today’s era. Content can be generalized as Information in the current world. Information that we perceive through our senses. Such vast assets of Information are dumped and consumed by the people through the medium of Internet. Ranging from blogs, emails, advertisements, brochures, videos, tweets, status and many more online and offline sources; everything is information and thus falls under the domain of ‘Content’. 

So Content has now drastically turned into an entire ‘Kingdom’ which businesses use as a platform to attract customers. The ability to retain its ‘customer’ along with maximum satisfaction turned into another important aspect of ‘Content’. Every business and industry in the world is driven by Content and utilizes Content to generate leads converting them into customers. Social Media has today become one such giant in the domain of Content. According to the statistics provided by ‘hubspot’: 

-Salespeople active on social media report 45% more sales opportunities. 

-Companies invest 46% of their annual budget on Content Creation. 

-Around 86% of the companies produce blog content and convert them into another format. -54% decision makers say they spend more than an hour per week reading thought-leadership content. 

The statistics in the report mention precisely the different types of content consumed by the audience and the influence it holds for the businesses turning it into a huge ‘Kingdom’.

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Hi! I am Arjun Yadav. I am an aspiring to be a Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer.


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