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Birthday – Burden But Blessing (Part-2)

This day with grace; brings a smile on my parent’s face. 
As they welcomed their blood; a symbol of their love. 
I could witness instead of fall; the happiness in lives of all. 
Who wholeheartedly love; and fear losing me enough. 

I can feel how worthy I am and valuable, 
As they value, treat and respect me like someone special. 

My existence I believe; is their reason to live. 
And my birth or arrival; is a hope for their survival. 
My birth reminds and makes them nostalgic; leaving all ecstatic. 
Instead of made up lies; I could sense and see, smile with teary eyes. 

With each passing day as my age increases, 
Those each passing days, my carelessness decreases. 

The blessings and surprises they keep; moves me and make me weep. 
With every passing year; I either grow or lessen fear. 
I’ll no longer have to pretend; as I’m genuinely happy to some extent. 
It’s worthy celebrating for this fact; it’s worthy rejoicing in fact. 

It is a beautiful life gifted to me by God, 
What more beautiful could I have wished or ever asked for? 

I’m capable to effectuate responsibilities; I’m capable to showcase abilities. 
I’m capable to quit or grin; I’m capable to fight and win. 
I’m capable to leave or achieve; I’m capable to deceive who deceive. 
I’m capable to win or lose; I’m capable to stand still and confuse. 

I exist for discovering the reason of my birth, 
The purpose of my life and realise and value my worth. 

I’m worthy to be sent here; who no longer holds fear. 
I’m a unique creation of the creator; 
who deserves a chance greater.
Every year has showered me; with countless blessings, prayers and mercy. 
I simply celebrate and can’t resist; that with my loved one’s, I love to exist. 

I’m able to stay ignorant and remain contradictory, 
I’m capable to conquer the caves of victory. 

And among 1000 reasons negative; only 1 reason is enough that’s positive. 
Sufficient enough to be reflective; to celebrate and change perspective. 
Enough to be happy on this day; enough to embrace and sway. 
And to get a short break; from distraction, negativity and forsake. 

Though the risk of uncertainties are pretty close, 
And the maturity stage unknowingly begins to grow. 

Maybe I shouldn’t celebrate; and there are plenty reasons to elaborate. 
I won’t be anymore witnessing this; as my expected existence is ending unlike abyss. 
My extinction would hurt plenty; my disappearance would cause agony. 
Maybe I shouldn’t rejoice; I yet think of having no choice. 

I’m grateful of my birth to see the beauty of the world, 
I feel privileged to be given a chance to be learned.

Creator who created a beauty; on this day was his beautiful duty. 
The result was my existence; and I pledged with persistence. 
Simply adoring myself and thinking; the love for me isn’t shrinking. 
That I’m a blessed soul and child; who’s loved, adored and isn’t exiled. 

Everyone’s contribution and special efforts, too, makes them grateful, 
It’s a sense of great feeling, and I feel highly fruitful and fateful. 

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