“Good friends care for each other, close friends understand each other but true friends stay forever…beyond words… beyond distance… beyond time”

Some friends we make as children and then lose contact as we grow older. Other friends we make as adults and stay in touch with as long as we are in close proximity. Now according to the quote above, true friends doesn’t mean that they don’t leave. They do leave. ‘Leaving’ doesn’t only mean that he/she has left for somewhere. When after leaving the place where his/her friend stays, distance increases, no replies or maybe seen texts and those late replies, we compare this and remember those days when he/she used to talk for hours. And yes it hurts. It’s easy to say that ‘We’ll stay in touch and we will be the same.’ but it’s difficult to make it up.

Communication gap is a very big problem in most friendships. Misunderstandings are also one of them but they occur when a third person does it. And when a third person enters its almost the end. Promising to stay forever is easy and sometimes yes they try their best to do it..but you can’t control your destiny. You will reach where you have to. Try to be patient and connect to your friends. I know it is absolutely not important to talk for hours and it is good to give space..but giving a lot of space means giving that person to someone else. Of course when you don’t talk to that person he/she will find new priorities. That is where a friendship ends.

Friendship means familiarity and liking of each other’s mind. If the bond is very strong, they are called best friends.🥀


If you’re friends you’ll fight now this is so common to say but if you say you’re friends, you don’t fight and say we’re perfect, so actually you don’t have that bond which a friendship requires. Oh Gawd! not messaging or talking to him/her first. This will result in nothing except distance between u two. Back Bitching, everyone does but it is worse when you pretend to be a very good friend of her/him and backbites too. If you hate a person why don’t you accept in front of everyone? Your reputation will fall? Then to hell with this reputation. 

Nowadays some people are your friend because you’re a known person and have fame and when they use and dump you for their convenience you don’t even realize bro. It really hurts. When a new friend or a lovey dovey person enters, your friend will start saying I don’t like him/her. If he/she would be good then too your friend won’t like coz they dont like the other person stealing you. Jealousy, which is a positive sign of friendship….meanwhile when u fight a third friend enters, he/she comes close to one of you becomes the reason for your fight and then brainwashes you, this is normal. But when… you believe that unknown person, that is where the friendship comes to an end as trust destroys. When you become friends, you damn trust each other, but then you just believed a person you met 2 minutes ago? 

I’ve been betrayed many times, does that mean I’m bad? I just leave from the life of those friends, because they break the trust from where the relationship started. It feels like not talking, trusting any person and takes a lot of guts to do it again. It damn hurts I know but you will eventually overcome it. Just surround yourself from positive vibes. You’ll soon be back to normal. Trust is the root of a friendship. So what if the bond vanishes? You can recreate it but only with a few friends. So one bad friend doesn’t mean that you’re gonna have all bad friends. It does not end there. Try to find new friends and start accepting things and take it as an experience and a lesson. But yes, trust slowly and with time. 

 Friends are who care about each other, not when they’re sick but at every hickup                             of yours!

Friends are who wipe your tears not only when u show it but even when u hide  it!

Friends are who remember you every time not only when you need a pic approval or caption dude!

Friends are who smile when you’re happy not only when you achieve something but every small precious moment of your life!

So don’t lose your friends they’re very precious like a cherry to a cake🙂

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Author’s name is Bhumi Bhardwaj. Overthinker. Paradoxical. I might be the writer, But you will always be the words.

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/_bhumiiibhardwaj/

Email- bhardwajbhumi2006@gmail.com

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