The Scent was mine Alone : Chapter 3

Ethan came out shouting, “Luke! Luke” frantically coming and holding Luke “I saw him, he came when I was in my conscious state, I was Ethan, I didn’t switch but he came for just an instance, we both were present at the same time.” Luke looked at him with an understanding nod, the doctor had told them that there might be some case where the other personality is awake at the same time as the original one, and for Ethan it was William, the one who hated him the most.

The next day after his appointment with Dr Brooks, Ethan went outside, while the doctor had a chat with Luke. “You know this, he can never be cured fully, the personalities will always stay with him in some or the other way, but the effect can be less. There are some incidences in his past which his personalities block, if those come to his conscious information he would at least be able to deal with it. The talk therapy works, he is aware when he switches now, and he has started recalling what happened in the past.” 

Ethan walked in his office when Yumi came out of nowhere and greeted him, he nodded back with a slight smile but he knew, to keep William’s personality from resurfacing in front of Yumi he had to keep away from her.

William hated the existence of Ethan, he wanted to fully consume his personality so that no Ethan Gray will ever exist in the world. He was the most dangerous personality of all, even going to the extent of harming Ethan’s body, Lizzy and Alex were the quite friendly one’s sometimes taking over so that Ethan’s mind is saved from William since William showed him thoughts so dark that Luke had to admit Ethan in the hospital. Since William wasn’t able to take over the body for longer periods he used to become suicidal during the time he was there.

William knew that Ethan’s two pillar of strength were his belief that his mother even though didn’t treat him properly never hated him and the second one was Luke himself who would never leave him alone and to break Ethan to the verge of losing himself, William had started showing him episodes from his childhood, the first one which happened last night. 

Luke had been his longest confidant, when his parents shut him out for being gay, Ethan supported. Luke had always loved him and would continue to do so even if Ethan didn’t reciprocate.

Yumi looked at the man in front of her, totally different from the one she saw last night at the pub, for a moment it felt like he wasn’t himself, why was he acting as a woman, no, she had no problem if he were, but something was off, he behaved like Ethan for quite some time but then there was this switch. Luke looked at Yumi, her stare towards Ethan, he knew what she saw last night was not Ethan but Lizzy’s personality taking over him, to protect him from something William was trying to show. Luke knew who she was, and it was time for Ethan to know as well. 

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I am a law student and a content writer here, who appreciates harmless sarcasm. I write about whatever my brainbox (or yours) fancies. Writing something other than research papers and assignments makes life a little less chaotic, for it gives a sense of unwinding your emotions. I like exploring and talking over ideas and thoughts (and an open political discussion).



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