An Open Letter to People Who are Away from Home or Struggling with Procrastination

 I’m here to support you, even though we are miles apart.

I’m here for you.

I know you are doing your best.

Struggling with your new adventures, sometimes you feel like you’re all alone.

Maybe you feel like giving up and you are strongly missing your loved ones.

At the end of the day, maybe you blame yourself.

At night, maybe you are upset with yourself.              

Now you have some new expectations from yourself and you’re now afraid that you can’t fulfill them.

No. No I’m not trying to sympathize with you, just trying to feel how are you feeling with all my heart.

I won’t ask how you can behave like this. You’re such a dedicated, hard working and positive person I know, instead I will tell you to accept your thoughts, your feelings, and acknowledge them. It’s totally okay not to be productive all the time. Instead of blaming yourself try to find out why you can’t do this, and whenever you get some free time do what you like. I know all these things are easy for people to say to you, but I’m still here to support you, to listen to you. If you feel like sharing you can always share with me, and if you don’t feel like sharing it’s absolutely fine, I respect your boundaries. Sending you much love, lots of hugs and more power. Stand in front of a mirror and give yourself a tight hug saying that I love myself, I’m a loved person.

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I’m a psychologist and writer. For me writing is my outlet to bare or tolerate my pain and poetry is my heart. Self love is the best form of love.


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