Moon and Stars

Dark and deep, cloudy and hazy,
Feeling fresh but actively lazy.
Pointing the sky with consolation in eyes,
Comforting myself by telling numerous lies.

Moon and stars, with confidence they sparkle,
Embracing the darkness and shining like marble.
Just how patient they are to await the night,
Until dawn, a tragedy befalls them and ignites.

Beginning of dusk or empurpled sky,
They glitter more closer as one could witness by.
Teaching me the lesson to wait to shine,
My time will come soon and soon I’ll be fine.

Now I’m a selenophile and asterophile quite deep,
And I believe, one day I’ll achieve success after I leap.
So now under the big violet sky, lay down I,
With innumerable dreams, hopes and expectations, I won’t deny.

Ambitious as I am, but imperfect and mess,
Don’t know where to begin from, hence great stress.
With music and isolation, all by myself in despair,
Staring and gazing at the sky, a feeling that is not rare.

Will I ever do something or won’t I ever?
These thoughts captivate me and I can escape never.
What on earth do I deserve to suffer in pain?
There are only losses and no profits or gains.

Still humbled and praying to God of my destiny,
O God! You hear me? Help me create history.
For I shall always surrender myself to you,
Exactly the way these moon and stars prostrate towards you!

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Poet is better known by her name Anonymous Ash. Follow her on Instagram using link given below.



Editors: Mrinali

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