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Written by Writer Odangchetla and Edited by Editor Mrinali Jadhav

Home was better than a monument.
So I thought flowers would create the illusion.
The florist lured me for the Amaryllis.
How cannot they?
They are possessed with the language of flowers.
But they also want to take home money?
So I bought a potter bud.
Unaware of what it will serve, when bloomed.

I was shy of love.
Ranked the lowest for courage.
But love with an exception,
Isn’t a level or a race.
It is space itself.
So I learnt,If I inhabit space in love, 
it is ready to manifest all of it into me.

Now as I watched her grow,
Her colors bled.
Shedding new shades by the day.
And I think the florist was right.

Home slowly started arriving.
She grew out of shyness,
And bloomed into courage.
The home she was building,
Wasn’t for the onlookers, 
but for herself.
Now she shines in splendid beauty.
And all that the florist intended for me,
Was to help me discover that,
I am the Amaryllis myself.

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