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The Lethal Kiss of a Sharp-Tongued Beauty

Written by Writer Shweta Ranjane and edited by Editor Mrinali Jadhav

The crimson knife and I, 
we're old friends now. 
Maybe more than friends! 

So familiar with each other, 
it feels like we're meant to be together, 
like two lovers entwined. 

It knows the way each of my nerves twists and turns, 
it's memorised the pathways of my bloodlike an artist who knows the strokes of their brush. 
It's even intimately familiar with the salty taste of my tears.

But most importantly,
Unlike others, this sharp-tongued beauty has been by my side during the darkest times.
As I draw it near my skin, 
It feels like a dance that we've rehearsed a million times. 

My heart even adds beat to it! 
A graceful glide, and every nerve tingles with excitement.

It's almost like the blade is in love with me, 
the way it moves with such tenderness, 
kissing each nerve, and drenching in my bloody juice, 
giving me love bites.

Maybe I'm right, 
Maybe it does love me. 
Everytime I draw it near my skin,it glistens, 
almost as if it's grinning coquettishly stating, 
"It's my pleasure, love!"

Let me kiss you like no one ever has. 
A kiss that you will never forget.
And to be honest,
Who else has ever loved me like this before? 

Who else has ever been so devoted, 
so intimate, so deeply familiar?
My crimson knife and I,we are dating each other; secretly,
It loves the way I clutch it with all my might, 
And I — I love its lethal kiss!

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